Where is my GlucoLift?

A lot of you have probably noticed that supplies of GlucoLift have been low recently- no 3/6 packs, and no cherry until this week. Don’t worry, we are very (very very very very very) aware of the problem and have been losing sleep for weeks trying to get it fixed.

Here’s the story: we made a few changes to the tablets to make them dissolve even easier and faster, because that’s something that really matters to the bulk of our users. And it worked! Unfortunately, it added a few manufacturing challenges that took longer to work out than anyone anticipated.

The goos news is that they’re finally starting to come off the production line, and they’re great. It’s going to take a couple more weeks to finish them and get them all bottled and ready to ship out, but the wheels are turning and they’ll be here soon. We’ll announce it on FB/Twitter/our blog, and of course inventory will be updated on Amazon and our online store.

Thanks for your patience.

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