Interview on TuDiabetes



Tomorrow I’ll be taking questions during a video interview on TuDiabetes at 1PM PDT. Feel free to come by and ask anything you’ve ever wanted to know about GlucoLift, the product or the company. The interview will be archived a few days after it happens, so I’ll come back and post the link here in case you miss it.


***UPDATE 5/22/14***

Here’s the link to the archived show:

Diabetes Art Day 2012

Today is Diabetes Art Day 2012! It’s an online event started in 2010 by blogger, art therapist, and type-1 Lee Ann Thill. You can red more about the day, and see submissions from this year and previous years HERE.

Below is our submission for this year. Entitled “Persistence of Diabetes”, it’s a riff on/homage to the 1931 surrealist classic “Persistence of Memory” by Dali, inspired by the unshakeable presence of diabetes in our lives.

Persistence of Diabetes