GlucoLift Inventory

We’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about when GlucoLift will be back and stock, and if we’re even still in business, so I want to address those.

First of all, YES, we are still in business and still making product.

We were hit by a back-to-school rush that totally caught us off guard, and left us scrambling to keep up with demand. Since then, we’ve had some small re-stocks that have sold out almost immediately. We now have some larger quantities of some items coming, but not as fast as we’d like. Some of this is due to issues with suppliers that are out of our control, and some of it is my fault for not better anticipating this possibility.

I take the trust you’ve placed in our product very seriously, and I know that means not only being committed to the quality of our tablets, but their availability too. It doesn’t do any good to make a better glucose tablet if no one can actually get their hands on them.

We’re working as hard as we can to get over this outage, and, more importantly, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

There will be smaller quantities arriving in batches to both Amazon and our web store over the next few weeks (they will be available at both simultaneously- Amazon manages and fulfills our web store orders from their inventory). In order to make product available as quickly as possible, we won’t be assembling any multipacks for the time being. Once our supply is assured for the foreseeable future we will take another look at that option.

Thanks for all your support and for your letters of concern and kind words about GlucoLift. It means a great deal to me personally, and makes me regret this situation even more.

We will be announcing re-stocks to our mailing list when they are confirmed. If you would like to receive those emails but aren’t currently subscribed, you can sign up here.

Thanks again for your support and your notes of concern.


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