Non-GMO Status

I’m sorry to have to report that as of our last manufacturing run, GlucoLift® tablets are no longer certified as non-GMO (any tablet with a rocket on its surface from this run, tablets without rockets are from our non-GMO runs). This is not by choice. As many of you probably know, GlucoLift® had been GMO free since we started, and we are proud of that. We believe that people should know what is in their food, and want to help people make informed decisions about what they eat and what they feed their loved ones.

We have consistently advocated for more regulation/transparency regarding GMO labeling, and in a funny way, we now find ourselves victims of that advocacy work. Greater publicity has led to public pressure for states to adopt laws concerning GMOs, and recently Whole Foods Market announced that they will begin to require GMO labeling for all products sold in their stores beginning in 2016. This has prompted many larger companies who previously did not show interest in the GMO issue to look at converting some of their products into non-GMO. On the whole, this is a good thing, but in the short term it means that certain non-GMO ingredients are in very short supply. You can read about this in more detail in this article from the New York Times.

Unfortunately, small companies like ours are often at the back of the line when it comes to getting access to a limited supply of in-demand ingredients. As a result, despite the fact that we began sourcing ingredients in the fourth quarter of 2012 for a recent manufacturing run, we were informed in March 2013 that our order would no longer be fulfilled. Searching other vendors proved equally fruitless- we were told the wait could be at least a year.

So we were faced with a choice: run out of tablets, and, essentially go out of business, or substitute another ingredient and continue to produce our tablets with the best ingredients available to us. We chose the latter option. While we still use no artificial colors or flavors (and our colors and flavors remain non-GMO) we are using a dextrose whose GMO status is not certified. Sad to say, but when a status isn’t listed, chances are it comes from at least some GMO crops.

To be clear, if I thought that there was conclusive evidence that any of our ingredients were dangerous, we wouldn’t use them. From a health-risk standpoint, I’m far more concerned about artificial food dyes/colors than I am with GMO dextrose. Still, I’m actively searching for new sources of non-GMO dextrose, and of ways of ensuring a consistent supply once I do. As always, I’ll be completely open and transparent about what’s in our product, and welcome any questions or comments. You can write me directly at

We’ll continue to support greater regulation and labeling of GMOs in the hopes that ultimately it will lead to increased supply and lower prices of non-GMO ingredients.

I hope you still find GlucoLift® to be the best glucose product on the market, and feel confident that we’ll keep working to make it better.


Christopher Angell
Type 1 since 2007
Founder + Chief PWD
GlucoLift All-Natural Glucose Tablets


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